Beyond the Music Service

What are the measures of success when it comes to music? 

For some, it may simply be learning to play a musical instrument. It could also be participation in an orchestra, band or ensemble. Others may have the aspiration to participate in musical performances, in front of an audience.

For the Music Service, these are all measures of success. We hope to ignite a passion within all music service pupils that will burn beyond their school years. 

Music may be the professional path for some of our students, but our aim is to develop the fundamentals of a successful musician that can be applied to the wider world, regardless of career paths. 

Our driving goal is to cultivate a love for music that shapes a musician, and positively influences every facet of their adult life.

Our Education Authority Music Service alumni are an eclectic bunch and have had success in music and in many other fields. 

Their experiences with the EA Music Service have shaped their lives, developed their self-discipline, helped them overcome adversity and has contributed to their success Beyond the Music Service.

Music has continued to be a big part in the lives of many of EA Music Service past pupils.

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