How does this work?

Find out how your child can learn to sing or to play a musical instrument, with a range of financial bursaries and instrumental loans available to support tuition.

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Tuition usually takes place during the school day, with individuals or small groups of pupils leaving part of their curriculum lessons to attend. Wherever possible instrumental teachers will devise a rotation system to avoid pupils missing the same part of the same lesson repeatedly.

The majority of lessons at beginner level are delivered in small groups (typically up to 4) where pupils start learning an instrument in a comfortable and confident environment, surrounded by their peers. This also helps spread the cost of a lesson between the pupils in the group, but one-to-one lessons are also available.

In nearly all cases, pupils will be encouraged to undertake exams on their instruments (or voice) to gain music qualifications with recognised public examination boards.

As pupils' abilities increase, lessons may need to be longer and the option of one-to-one tuition may need to be considered.

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