How much does it cost?

The cost of tuition with the Music Service varies depending on what you're looking to do and whether you are using the service through a school or through a Music Centre.

How is cost decided?

There are varying factors within tuition that will affect the cost to you as a parent; the group size for lessons, the instrument hire, attendance at an ensemble, accompaniment, aural and theory classes are all factors that should be tailored to the individual.

Costs at primary level

Cost for lessons is passed directly to our schools at primary level, and can vary according to the number of children in each lesson. For more information on school charges, please contact the relevant school

Costs at post-primary level

At post-primary level, the considerations for cost are more likely to include ensembles, exam fees, and accompaniments, and therefore it is essential to contact your local music centre to personalise the package and costs that are right for your child.

Instrument hire cost

Instrument hire is a fixed cost of £35 per year for violin/viola, and £50 per year for every other instrument. We can also assist in the purchase of an instrument if you prefer.

Ensembles cost

Ensembles vary in cost but are based on an equitable formula that considers duration of rehearsal, and frequency. In practice these start at £44 per year for our first entry ensembles, and increase according to the duration and standard requirements for each ensemble. For more information on the group that’s right for your child and the cost associated, please use our search facility.

Value for money

What’s right for the needs of each child is a unique consideration, one size does not fit all. We firmly believe our service offers value for money and maintains the highest quality delivery for every child, and would encourage you to contact your local music centre to discuss the best options for you and your child.

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