Northern Ireland Benedetti Sessions

The Education Authority Music Service is delighted to welcome the Benedetti Sessions (Benedetti Foundation) to our Antrim Board Centre between 3rd-5th December.

Antrim Board Centre

3 December 2021 09:15–5 December 2021 16:30

The Benedetti Sessions are for primary schools, school age strings players and teachers, and we encourage you to register for this inspiring weekend before the closing date of 12th November.

If you live in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland, and are either a school age string player between pre Grade 1 and 8+ or an instrumental teacher, please visit or email for full details and to find out how to register to join.

The Benedetti Sessions visit Antrim

The Benedetti Foundation is thrilled to return to in-person Sessions and to visit Antrim, Northern Ireland, for the first time. The Antrim Sessions will take place from 3 – 5 December in partnership with Education Authority Music Service in the Antrim Board Centre. These Sessions will be delivered in line with the latest Covid-19 government guidance and registration closes on 12 November.

The Antrim Benedetti Sessions will have workshops for:

  • Beginner String Players (Grade 1 - 3*) – Sunday 5 December, 9.15am – 4.30pm
  • Intermediate String Players (Grade 4 - 6*) – Saturday 4 December, 9.15am – 4.30pm
  • Advanced String Players (Grade 7+*) – Sunday 5 December, 9.15am – 4.30pm
  • Instrumental Teachers (a professional development weekend) – Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December, 9.15am – 4.30pm
  • Primary School Classes – Friday 3 December

*Approximate playing level – no grades need to have been taken

During these sessions, participants will approach the chosen music in a way that inspires fun and enjoyment; a greater sense of togetherness; a true abandonment of caution; and an embracing of scratches, scrapes and unapologetic flair; as well as connecting to dance and rhythm, harmony, bass, and improvisation.

Session Details

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The Antrim Sessions will host young people of all ages and stages and instrumental teachers with participants from across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The Sessions will be approaching music in a way that inspires fun and enjoyment, a greater sense of togetherness, a true abandonment of caution, and an embracing of scratches, scrapes and unapologetic flair, as well as connecting to creativity, to dance and rhythm, to harmony, bass and improvisation.


On Friday 3 December the Foundation will present primary school workshops in two Antrim Schools.  The musicianship team led by Lucy Drever, will record a 30-minute film taking young pupils on a musical adventure.  This inspiring and engaging schools' workshop will introduce pupils to the fundamentals of making music covering the basics of pulse, rhythm, pitch and harmony.  Pupils will be encouraged to consider how music is used in their lives, how to listen differently and in turn become more engaged, discerning and curious about music.  This workshop will be made available to all primary schools across Northern Ireland and will be shared by the Education Authority in the lead up to Christmas.


Nicola Benedetti commented, ‘I have loved music and the violin since I was 4 years old. Nothing could stop me from wanting to play, but each time I experienced a mass-collective musical experience it deepened and strengthened my enjoyment and commitment to music.  There are no limits to our learning possibilities through music. We just have to be curious and open-minded enough to notice that this language is as rich as life itself, and we aspire to expose our participants to this.  In order for everyone to gain the most from the workshop, we require a commitment for participants to prepare. Regardless of level, we want to help everyone to believe that to be good at something and therefore experience more enjoyment, it takes consistent and intelligent work.  It doesn't happen on its own. By signing up for our workshops, participants are also signing up to daily preparation.  It doesn't have to take long, but the consistency is key. We will support and guide everyone all the way through this process, via our tutorial videos and online resources and through supporting your leaning environment. We can’t wait to get started!’


Darren Canmore, Head of Music Service at Education Authority, commented, ‘'The EA Music Service is delighted to welcome the Benedetti Foundation to Northern Ireland in December to host several workshops.  It is a wonderful opportunity for our young musicians to work with an international soloist and team of professional musicians in a fun, exciting, innovative, and engaging weekend for all string players of all abilities, and their teachers.  The Music Service strives to offer as many opportunities as possible for children and young people to engage directly and learn new skills from top level musicians.  We are very much looking forward to making music with Nicola and the Benedetti Foundation tutors.'



The Benedetti Foundation puts on transformative orchestral and musicianship-based workshops for young people, students, teachers, and adults that showcase what Music in Education at its best can look and feel like.  The Benedetti Foundation unites those who believe music is integral to a great education, and inspires collective action targeted at increasing its reach and quality. The Foundation does this through uncovering and sharing its best practices and celebrating its greatest advocates, whilst loudly demonstrating a reenergised vision for the future. A large proportion of the activity carried out by the organisation is for teachers.  Teaching music well is an enormous responsibility and is hugely challenging.

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Antrim Board Centre

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