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The EA Music Service has a long and proud history, with over 60 years of experience in delivering inclusive music education in Northern Ireland.

Through our passion, commitment and standards of excellence we have provided exciting, engaging, child centred musical experiences for hundreds of thousands of children and young people. We continue to provide vibrant, high quality, professional music education for our children and young people.

The Music Service offers an extensive range of varied and accessible musical opportunities. These can be accessed in school settings or in one of our many music centres across Northern Ireland. Instrumental tuition, vocal tuition and whole class initiatives nurture and motivate our children. We aim to offer a wide range of progression routes, supporting all our children in reaching their full potential. Through our team of passionate and professional tutors we inspire, support and challenge our pupils. We help them build confidence and self esteem. We help them to develop creativity, communication skills and many other academic and interpersonal skills.

A wide range of additional services support our school based music making. These are designed to support the pupil, school and wider community. We offer a dynamic range of ensemble playing opportunities tailored right from our youngest students through to our most senior, advanced musicians.

There are immeasurable benefits associated with experiencing group music making; enhanced social skills, emotional well being, and behavioural awareness. Global research over the last decade has proven that music education is a powerful tool in helping children reach their full intellectual, social, and creative potential.

Our orchestras, bands and ensembles offer large scale playing opportunities, bringing young people from across the country together in a celebration of all that is best in Northern Ireland. Music is intrinsically linked to both the sharing of culture and individual expression, and these joint experiences forge life long friendships.

“Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them – a world of work, culture, intellectual activity and human involvement. The EA Music Service should be at the heart of every school. I truly believe in the transformational impact that a high-quality musical education can have on the lives of our children and young people.”
Darren Canmore, Interim Head of Service

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    “The EA Music Service will deliver a stimulating and exciting range of high-quality musical experiences for children and young people. It will provide accessible opportunities for creativity and self-fulfilment, enriching lives through its powerful and transformational influence."

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    Find your local Music Centre

    As well as delivering our services through schools we have a number of Music Centres throughout Northern Ireland to provide expert help and tuition.

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    The EA Music Service has been in existence for over 50 years and has extensive experience in delivering inclusive music education across Northern Ireland. 

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    We have extensive ties with music in our schools and community, and work with many professional partnerships to provide performance opportunities for our students in diverse and exciting environments.

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    Safeguarding children and young people

    The Education Authority Music Service has a commitment to pupils, parents, colleagues, the school community, and to the community at large. 

    In fulfilling the obligations of professional practice, music service personnel should at all times act in such a manner as to demonstrate personal courtesy and integrity and to enhance the reputation and standards of the service.

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    More Than A Music Lesson

    There are immeasurable benefits associated with experiencing group music making; enhanced social skills, emotional well-being, and behavioural awareness. 

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    Beyond the Music Service

    What are the measures of success when it comes to music? 

    For some, it may simply be learning to play a musical instrument. It could also be participation in an orchestra, band or ensemble. Others may have the aspiration to participate in musical performances, in front of an audience.

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