Post-primary schools

A range of music services is available to post-primary schools. 

  • Orchestra

    Instrumental and vocal tuition

    We offer a range of instrumental and vocal tuition, as well as providing ensemble leadership and support.

  • Sheet music

    Instrumental exams and specifications

    If you're working hard to make progress with your music, exams can be a great way to recognise your success, providing reassurance that you're on the right track.

  • Full post-primary class

    Whole class pathways

    Whole class Pathways to Learning programmes in post-primary have been widely acknowledged for fostering a unique partnership between community music and the school curriculum.

  • Collaborative school ensembles

    EA Music service tuition in our schools allows for unique performance opportunities and experiences.

  • Charanga


    The Education Authority Music Service are delighted to be working in partnership with the award winning music educational resource Charanga, a modern, easy-to-use online resource to help teach primary music.

  • 10 Pieces

    BBC Ten Pieces

    BBC Ten Pieces is an exciting initiative for primary and secondary age students led by BBC Learning and the BBC Performing Groups. Its aim is to open up the world of classical music to a new generation of children and inspire them to develop their own creative responses to ten pieces of music using a variety of art forms - digital art or animation, performance poetry, dance or movement and composition.

  • Trombone

    Educational support - GCSE, AS and A-level requisites

    The music service provides support to the NI curriculum at every stage in schools. The statutory music provision is met in key stage one with the musical pathways delivery, and through the whole class schemes for many classes at key stage 2. The formal assessments in music at GCSE, AS and A2 carry a substantial percentage of marks for practical performance, and the music service provides invaluable support in order to prepare students for their performance.

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