What to expect when learning to sing or play

This page is designed to help you understand the opportunities available to your children, and to help parents and teachers understand how they can ensure children make musical progress.


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Basic Principles

Here are some basic principles:

  • Children are happy when they know that they are making progress.
  • They enjoy music when they are able to hear the progress they are making.
  • They gain enormous self-esteem and confidence from building up a portfolio of small and large scale performances
  • They value what they do in music when they have support from parents and family
  • The guidance of an expert instrumental/ vocal teacher develops their understanding of 'how' to improve

A Practice Diary can be the main method of dialogue between teachers, parents and pupils. If there is effective communication between all three parties, the learning will be transparent and your child will make progress. In the early stages parents should help structure and monitor practice at home.

Your child's instrumental/ vocal teacher will guide you on the appropriate amount of time for their particular age and instrument. Parents and teachers should be looking for the next musical step for the student.

You should ask to be kept informed of opportunities including:

  • Practice strategies / expectations
  • Notice of events
  • Concert opportunities
  • Area groups
  • Central ensembles auditions
  • Books / equipment to buy
  • Attendance

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