How we can help

Find out how your child can learn to sing or to play a musical instrument.

  • Youth Concert

    How does this work?

    Find out how your child can learn to sing or to play a musical instrument, with a range of financial bursaries and instrumental loans available to support tuition.

  • Orchestra

    How much does it cost?

    The cost of tuition with the Music Service varies depending on what you're looking to do and whether you are using the service through a school or through a Music Centre.

  • Concert

    Instrument loans

    The Music Service is happy to provide instruments through our hire and maintenance scheme.

  • Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme (AIPS)

    The AIPS scheme provides pupils of the EA Music Service with the opportunity to purchase a musical instrument without having to pay VAT, provided they are being taught to play that instrument in school or at a Music Centre or are involved as a regular member of a Music Service orchestra, band or ensemble.
    *Other Terms and conditions apply.

  • Spring Concert

    Instrument maintenance and using Music Service instruments

    We ask that students take care of the instruments on loan. Instruments may look robust however they can be easily damaged.

  • Choir

    What to expect when learning to sing or play

    This page is designed to help you understand the opportunities available to your children, and to help parents and teachers understand how they can ensure children make musical progress.

Find out what instruments are available

The EA Music Service offers a wide range of instruments and vocal options.

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