Educational support - GCSE, AS and A-level requisites

The music service provides support to the NI curriculum at every stage in schools. The statutory music provision is met in key stage one with the musical pathways delivery, and through the whole class schemes for many classes at key stage 2. The formal assessments in music at GCSE, AS and A2 carry a substantial percentage of marks for practical performance, and the music service provides invaluable support in order to prepare students for their performance.


The solo and ensemble requirements require careful and dedicated preparation, and music service staff liaise closely with music departments in schools to ensure that students achieve at their highest standard.

Research by the University of British Colombia, Canada, looking at more than 112,000 students, shows that high school (secondary school), students who take qualifying music courses score significantly higher in exams in other subjects such as maths and science, than their non-musical peers. And they could be as much as one year ahead of them.

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