Orchestras, bands & ensembles

Participation in musical performance with others is a vital part of a student’s musical development, and has been a core value of the Music Service since its inception.

The Music Service now maintains many diverse ensembles across Northern Ireland including, but not limited to, orchestras, wind bands, recorder choirs, and string groups.

These ensembles cater for a wide range of ages and levels of ability ranging from beginner players through to the advanced senior Orchestras and Bands. 

So why get involved? Here are some great reasons why:

Improve motor skills

Young Violinist in concert

Playing in an ensemble improves their physical coordination and constantly develops their motor skills.

Build confidence

String section on stage

Playing in a group build pupils' confidence. When pupils learn how to perform in front of others they build an inner confidence that becomes part of who they are.

Ensemble membership and resultant concert performances create a sense of achievement that increases self-esteem. Pupils learn how to take risks and how to cope with personal fears.

Let it all out

Trumpet section players on stage

Music is a healthy outlet for your emotions. Being a student creates an endless amount of pressure in both home and school environments. 

Whether pupils are feeling anxious about grades or results, another person or any particular situation, music offers an incredible outlet for feeling and moods. It relaxes and cares for their state-of-mind.

Learn self-discipline

String players in concert

Playing in an ensemble teaches self-discipline. Self-discipline is a personal attribute that adds a lot to personal fulfilment and measured accomplishments.

With ensemble preparation, pupils learn how to commit to continued practice and self-improvement, in order to reach a desired goal.

Develop skills

Purple lights shining on two violinists in concert

Learning to play an instrument develops numeracy, spatial and pattern recognition and playing in a band or orchestra further develops language and problem-solving skills.

Become a team player

Big Band brass section in concert

Ensemble membership develops teamwork skills. Another strongly desired workforce skill - being able to operate together within a group is an integral part of being a musician.

It's fun

Musicians enjoying some after-concert ice cream

Pupils will make friends with students from other schools who have a similar interest in music and progress through regional ensembles together.

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