String Instrument care

Caring for your instrument is very important. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure your instrument does not become damaged or broken.

Violin players in concert

General care

  • A string instrument is made from thin wood and joined only with special glue. It is affected by heat, so don't leave it in the sun or near a heater
  • Keep your instrument in a safe place at home, where it won't be knocked
  • Do not turn the pegs on your instrument
  • Clean the instrument with a dry cloth (no polish to be used)
  • Never touch the hairs of the bow
  • Always slacken the hairs after use
  • Do not tighten the bow too much: the teacher will show you how much to do it
  • Instruments and bows should be returned to the case when not in use


  • Always open the case on a flat surface and pick up the instrument by its neck
  • Never put your instrument down on its front; this may damage the bridge
  • If using a pad this should be removed before closing the case
  • Do not keep music in your case: use a folder or a carrying case
  • Make sure the case is shut properly before carrying it


  • Always lay your cello down on its side
  • If you are leaving the cello even for a few minutes, push in the endpin
  • Never try to stand the cello up leaning against anything
  • Be careful of the neck of the cello when carrying it: it can be easily broken off
  • Don't drag your cello along the ground when carrying it in its case

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