Music Theory

Music theory is essentially what you would call the language of music. While many may find music to be an instinctive thing, music theory gives you a way to express the music you hear and play in a concrete manner.

Why music theory?

The way music theory works is very much like the ins and outs of any other language. Just as you may be a skilful speaker of German, without knowing how to write it you could not be considered as one who has mastered the language completely. Similarly, even if you are a fairly accomplished musician, without music theory, you will be unable to read and transcribe music in its beautiful written form. And once you understand music theory, you will be able to communicate fluently with other musicians and truly understand the intent behind every composition, and fully master it.  

What formal exams are available?

All music exams in theory follow the same structure as practical exams, from grade 1 to 8, but it is widely accepted that attaining grade 5 theory is the benchmark for all aspiring musicians to master. Indeed, ABRSM requires grade 5 theory to have been obtained before a student can move to the advanced level of performance for grade 6 and beyond. 

For more information, please contact your local music centre.

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