More Endangered Instruments of the Orchestra

To Viola and Beyond 2024

EA Music launched To Bassoon and Beyond in 2022, in partnership with the Ulster Orchestra and with the support of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

40 enthusiastic new pupils commenced lessons and their collective efforts were acknowledged in October 2023 when the project gained national recognition by winning Classic FM’s Best Learning Initiative 2023!

Some lesser-learned instruments of the orchestra are in need of promotion. Without some intervention the distinctive orchestral sound that we all know and love would be very different. In an effort to improve the image and profile of these unique instruments we are delighted that the Endangered Instruments of the Orchestra campaign continues and our instrumental activists move now to the String family.

To Viola and Beyond is up and running with initial visits to the 4 participating Primary schools around Antrim having taken place last month.

Often viewed as the ‘quiet middle child’ of the string section it’s worth noting that some musical geniuses started their musical journey on Viola, most notably Jimi Hendrix!

We wish the 40 beginner violists all the best on their journey To Viola and Beyond.

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