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What will it cost?

Cost for lessons is passed directly to our schools at primary level, and can vary according to the number of children in each lesson. For more information on school charges, please contact your school directly.

At post-primary level, the considerations for cost are more likely to include ensembles, exam fees, and accompaniments, and therefore it is essential to contact your local music centre to personalise the package and costs that are right for your child.

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What's available here?

  • Strings

    The string family is the largest and most well known in a symphony orchestra.

    Instruments available may include:
  • Woodwind

    This family of instruments produce sound by blowing into a tube, and are called woodwind because originally they were all made from wood. Today, they are made of wood, metal, plastic or some combination of both.

    Instruments available may include:
  • Brass

    This family of instruments can play louder than any other in an orchestra or band and can be heard from very far away. Brass instruments are essentially long pipes that widen at the end to make a bell-like shape.

  • Percussion

    The percussion family is the largest in the orchestra. Unlike most of the other players in the orchestra, a percussionist will usually play many different instruments in one piece of music.

    Instruments available may include:
  • Piano

    Instruments available may include:
  • Music Theory

    Music theory is essentially what you would call the language of music. While many may find music to be an instinctive thing, music theory gives you a way to express the music you hear and play in a concrete manner.

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